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What makes our service different from other research and information services?
  • Competitive intelligence as a service is a digital news service focused on issues that matter to you. Information about your business is continuously updated and continuously available.

  • Ask questions and get answers in real-time. Get information fast on any device that supports a web browser.

  • Information flows from many sources into a knowledge base designed to address management issues.

  • The service builds on state-of-the-art methods from data science and data engineering. Most importantly, it relies on client-specific knowledge graphs designed especially for competitive intelligence and market analysis.

  • Competitive intelligence as a service requires no investment in company IT systems or staff.

To show the capabilities of the service, we imagine that we are working for Dave’s Hot Chicken, a restaurant chain with corporate offices in Pasadena, California. Suppose Dave’s is evaluating a potential new franchise site in Madison, Wisconsin. Let’s see how competitive intelligence as a service provides information to address this management problem.

The Technology section describes competitive intelligence as a service.

An associated white paper provides additional details.